Friday, 20 April 2012

Renungan Bersama

"pressure and streesed"

sometime kite terpikir kenapela hidop kite nie penuh tgh tekanan dan slalu stress....dont give up because that made up what you really are today. we experienced thing, we adapt it.  that thing made you a human being. so jgn takot dgn bende bende yang stress dan pressure. sometimes small matters can also be so much troublesome to us. but if we chill, rilex mostly that thing will be most memorable thing in our life. contohnya zaman blaja la senang cite, stress gle blaja, pressure nak mampos but in the end we can proudly say i've made it, after all the suffer i face i got a degree...hahahah...something like that la...we need to look at the other side of all the problem we faced, then you will relise it is something that challenge to be at another step of my will teach us....... so remember this " a pressure can turn a stone into a beautifull diamond" and for "stressed" if we look at the other sides will become "desserts" always smiles k

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